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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          Insulation sound-absorbing cotton

          Insulation sound-absorbing cotton

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          Detailed introduction

          Insulation sound-absorbing cotton

          Product name: insulation sound-absorbing cotton

          Product brand: a heat

          Processing custom: product size limit is small, can receive for processing


          Insulation sound-absorbing cotton is one of the sound insulation cotton, is a new kind of building materials, with the development of modernization construction in China, has been widely used, especially the construction industry to use rock wool products commonly used in wall body absorption, insulation, air conditioning duct insulation and roofing insulation, etc.

          Centrifugal glass cotton belongs to the porous sound-absorbing material, have good sound absorption performance. Centrifugal glass cotton can sound-absorbing reason is not due to the rough surface, but because of who I am with a large number of internal and external connected tiny pore and holes. When sound waves incident on the centrifugal glass cotton, sound waves can follow the internal pore into material, cause the vibration of air molecules in space. Because of the air viscous resistance and air molecules and pore wall friction, sound energy into heat and wear and tear.

          Centrifugal glass wool in the voice of high frequency have better sound absorption performance. The main factors influencing the sound absorption performance of centrifugal glass wool is the thickness, density and air flow resistance etc. Density is the weight of per cubic meter of material. Air flow resistance is unit thickness of material on both sides of the ratio of air pressure and air flow rate. Air flow resistance is the important factors that affect sound absorption performance of centrifugal glass wool. Flow resistance is too small, the material is sparse, vibration easily through the air, the sound absorption performance; Material flow resistance is too large, dense vibration is difficult to the incoming air, sound absorption performance also fell. For centrifugal glass cotton, sound absorption performance of flow resistance. In practical engineering, the determination of the air flow resistance is difficult, but can be a rough estimate and control the thickness and density. Composite cover wave glass cotton neat and beautiful appearance, have strong ability of thermal radiation, is the high temperature workshops, control room, computer room wall, partition and ceiling excellent lining materials.

          The advantages of composite cover glass wool:

          Sound-absorbing noise reduction, can effectively prevent the spread of voice;

          The construction is simple, optional cut;

          Material light weight, easy installation;

          Antibacterial mouldproof, corrosion resistance to aging;

          Grade A flame retardant, permanent non-combustible;

          Low moisture absorption, stable physical properties;

          Vibration resistance is strong, high durability;

          Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is strong;

          Compression resistance, impact resistance is strong

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