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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          The silicone

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          The silicone

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          Detailed introduction

          The silicone

          Product name: silica gel/foam

          Product brand: a heat

          Processing custom: product size limit is small, can receive for processing


          Silica gel (Silica gel; Silica), alias: silicon oxide or Silica gel

          Is a highly active adsorption material, amorphous materials, the chemical formula for mSiO2 · nH2O; In addition to the strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material, insoluble in water and any solvents, avirulent insipidity, stable chemical properties. Various types of silicone because of the different manufacturing methods and form different microporous structure. Chemical components and physical structure of the silica gel, determines it has many other features of similar materials difficult to replace, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, has high mechanical strength, etc. Silica gel according to the size of the aperture is divided into: macroporous silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, b-type silica gel, silica, etc.

          Product features: high tearing resistance, good resistance to oil, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, strong elasticity.

          Application: work in the oil medium of low and high temperature environment, can be coining oil seal, gasket, sealing strip, sealing performance is good, used in chemical industry and food industry, and is suitable for the environmental tolerance requirement is higher.

          Functional purposes

          1. It is mainly used in instruments, meters, equipment in an airtight conditions such as moisture absorption rust.

          2. Used with ordinary silica gel desiccant, degree of moisture absorption of desiccant and determine the relative humidity environment. As packing silica gel desiccant, widely used in precision instruments, leather, clothing, food, medicines and household appliances, etc.

          3. Silicone because its food grade use can be used to make the baby pacifier direct contact with the human body, such as supplies, in addition, the silica gel can be used to produce condoms and breast implants.

          4. Make the blood pump commonly used materials

          Storage and packaging

          Silica gel has a strong ability of moisture absorption, so should be stored in a dry place, want to have is put aside frame between packaging and ground. Packaging has a steel drum, drum, paper box, plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic compound bag, flexible container bags, etc. In the process of transportation should avoid to drench, be affected with damp be affected with damp, and exposure.

          Discern between true and false

          From feel respect, silica gel products are good elasticity and tenacity, it is not easy to permanent deformation due to external force, and touch feel is smooth, the fake of silica gel products easy to deformation, and the touch is rough, because the fake of the surface of the silica gel is not a layer of grease material.

          From the aspects of characteristics, silica gel products are non-toxic tasteless colorless product, good quality of a material, no harm to human body, and generally counterfeit products it is difficult to achieve the effect of silicon, fake and inferior products of silicon are generally have pungent odor, poisonous and rough!

          At the same time we also can put the true and false silica gel by flame is also very useful, fake silicone products in combustion residues out of the black smoke, as black powder, silica gel products really no matter what color is the white smoke during burning, burning residue is the white powder.

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