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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          High temperature wire

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          High temperature wire

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          Detailed introduction

          High temperature wire

          Product name: high temperature wire

          Product brand: a heat

          Processing custom: product size limit is small, can receive for processing


          High temperature wire is a kind of ability of high temperature wire, usually adopts the solid core or twisted nickel or silver plated copper wire.

          Product features:

          Working temperature: 80 ~ + 250 ℃; A short period of time can be resistant to 300 ℃.

          Guide body: solid or stranded copper wire or silver plated nickel

          Colours: red/yellow/blue/white/black/green/brown/orange/purple/green/etc

          Characteristics of the application:

          Has corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid, strong alkali resistance, strong oxidant, etc; With electrical insulating performance, high voltage resistance, small loss at high frequency, no moisture absorption, insulation resistance; It has excellent flame resistance, aging resistance, long service life.

          In the electronics industry and can be used for temperature compensation conductor, good low temperature resistance wire, high temperature heating wire, ageing resistance wire and flame retardant wire; Household electrical appliance industry, can be used for air conditioner, microwave oven, electronic disinfection cabinet, electric rice fort, electronic thermos bottle, electric heaters, electric oven, electric frying pans, lamps and lanterns lighting, etc. The internal wiring.


          High temperature wire is mainly used in communications, automotive, electrical, construction and other industries, such as mobile with soft wire, soft power cables, control cables, rubber insulation heat resistant building line, automobile, aviation wire, locomotive electrical wiring, electrical appliances, wiring, etc.

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