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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          PEI plate

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          PEI plate

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          Product name: PEI

          Product brand: a heat

          Processing custom: product size limit is small, can receive for processing


          PEI, Chinese name: polyether imide (Polyetherimide).

          Polyether imide is excellent coating and film forming material, can form is applicable to electronic industrial coatings and thin films, and can be used in the manufacture of aperture < 0.1 mu m, microporous membrane with high permeability. Also can be used for high temperature resistant adhesive and high strength fiber, etc.

          The main features

          1, the PEI is amber transparent solid, good flame retardant and low smoke, UL94 burning level for - V - a level 0.

          2, the PEI has very strong heat stability. High temperature resistance, thermal deformation temperature of 220 ℃, can be in a 180-160 ℃ under the working temperature of use for a long time.

          3, hydrolysis stability is good, high temperature resistant, resistant to steam;

          4, ultem has the very good uv radiation, Y radiation performance.


          Replace the metal manufacturing optical fiber connector, can make the element structure optimization, simplify the manufacturing and assembly steps, keep the more accurate size. Used in automobile industry, such as high temperature fittings for manufacturing, production, high power lamp and light, control the car cabin outside temperature sensor and control of air and fuel mixture of sensors. Also can be used for high temperature lubricating erosion of vacuum pump impeller, distiller that operate at 180 ℃ of ground glass joints (following), the lighting of anti fog light reflector.

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