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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          PEEK board

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          PEEK board

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          PEEK board

          Product name: PEEK

          Product brand: a heat

          Processing custom: product size limit is small, can receive for processing


          Scientific name, polyether ether ketone, English name polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

          Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) resin is a kind of excellent performance of special engineering plastics, has more significant advantages compared with other special engineering plastics, resistance to high temperature is 260 degrees, mechanical performance, good self-lubrication, resistance to chemical corrosion, flame retardant, stripping resistance, abrasion resistance, no strong sulfuric acid, nitric acid resistance, radiation resistance, strong mechanical properties can be used for high-end technology such as mechanical, nuclear engineering and aviation.

          Product features

          Stable irradiation resistance, insulation, hydrolysis resistance, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, the composite material made of mechanical parts have self lubricating effect.

          . Heat resistance, good thermal stability, and high heat resistant (PPS) fine, HDT above 315 degrees Celsius, UL continuous use temperature is 260 degrees Celsius.

          1: the mechanical properties of PEEK is tenacity and rigidity of both plastic and balance. Especially its excellent resistance to fatigue of alternating stress is the most outstanding in all the plastic, can be comparable to alloy material.

          2: self lubrication PEEK has superior in all plastic sliding characteristics, suitable for strict with low coefficient of friction and abrasion consumption purposes. Especially the carbon fiber, graphite, a certain percentage of each hybrid modified PEEK self-lubricating performance is better.

          3: chemical resistance, corrosion resistance) PEEK has excellent chemical resistance. In the usual chemical, can dissolve or destroy it only concentrated sulfuric acid, its corrosion resistance and nickel steel.

          4: flame retardant PEEK is very stable polymer, the sample of the 1.45 mm thick, without any flame retardants can achieve the highest standard of flame retardant.

          5: stripping resistance PEEK stripping resistance is very good, because this can make the cladding or electromagnetic wire is very thin, and can be used in harsh conditions.

          6: fatigue resistance PEEK in all resin has the best fatigue resistance.

          7: irradiation resistance high irradiation resistant ability is very strong, more than the general irradiation resistance best polystyrene resin. Can be made into the radiation dose of 1100 mrad can still keep good insulating ability of high performance.

          8: hydrolysis resistance PEEK and its composites is not affected by the chemistry of water and high pressure steam, with products made of this material in high temperature and high pressure water continuous use can still maintain excellent properties.

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