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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          Mould heating tube planning using note what are

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          Mould heating tube planning using note what are

          Date of release:2018-11-27 Author: Click:

             Mould heating tube planning using note what are

          In single end electric heating tube is the most widely used mold heating pipe, heating pipe planning has become a very important topic, good mould heating tube planning can ensure mould heating tube life spans. Tell everyone about mould heating tube below planning using the matters needing attention:

          About mould heating tube, mould heating tube planning is the most important is to ensure that the onset of heating tube heat can timely passed to the heating medium, lower the temperature of the heating pipe internal data, useful to improve the use of the heating tube mould life spans.

          (1) should be trying to reduce mould heating pipe diameter instead of in the space between aperture, between space is less than 0.1 0.2 mm, such as pipe diameter of 10 heating rods, should is the aperture diameter less than 10.2.

          Mould heating tube

          (2) the equipment should be used when machining to ensure its alignment and intrusive public servants, such as when processing technics of reamer for finishing machining.

          (3) within the heating pipe equipment should tidy up before processing residue, such as oil residue, if any, will be carbonized after heating, thus affecting heat transfer ability.

          (4) use under planning voltage will not have a problem, use the practice of power can be calculated according to the formula: the use of voltage/planning   planning using voltage/planning   I power = when using power (cases) rated voltage and power is 230 v, 500 W electric heat pipe, using voltage 220 v, it using the power of 418.6 W, about 84% of the rated power.

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