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          3D hot bending glass heat pipes

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          3D quality control of hot bending glass heat pipes

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          3D quality control of hot bending glass heat pipes

          Date of release:2018-11-12 Author: Click:

          3D hot bending glass heat pipes3D quality control of hot bending glass heat pipes

          In the process of 3D mobile phone glass processing, glass hot bending forming is one of the most important link. The early stage of the process details are in order to better guarantee the quality of 3D hot bending glass heat pipes.

          Due to the particularity of 3D mobile phone glass production and processing, in the process of hot bending glass will appear a series of bad products. Main show is as follows:

          1, after hot bending process, peripheral dimension precision is very poor.

          The anomalous 2, glass curved edge size and inconsistent problem.

          3, after hot bending deformation stress, leading to glass warping deformation.

          4, glass diagonal crease obviously.

          5, glass the four corners of the collapse.

          6, glass surface with large plane between the crease;

          7, glass surface indentation, mist;

          8, concave and convex and water ripples on the surface of the glass.

          9, the broken glass scrap.

          Direct expression of the efficiency of production and the requirement of social and economic development are three dimensional thermal glass heating pipe bending good product percent of pass, this is a direct expression of productivity and technology advantage. In glass hot bending process, the control of the percent of pass is related to many.

          Size: 1, glass is sometimes unable to efficiently and accurately cut the glass cutting machine in line with the mould in the shape of glass, lead to the glass size tolerance range is big, directly affect the qualification rate of products, such as glass defect rate will increase. The southeast. Adopt precision efficient glass cutting machine, the size of the cut glass tolerance between mold and control in the < 0.01 mm.

          2, glass thickness, different thickness of glass materials in hot bending process parameters adjustment plays an important role, is has very important effect on the yield of the product.

          3, hot bending die: at present, the 3D glass hot bending mould graphite mould is the main material, cooperate with tungsten steel die material for high temperature hot bending. That has implications for the quality of graphite mould and process the service life and efficiency of the heating plate dipping plate. In hot bending machine in the process of high temperature hot pressing glass uniform heating, should use high-temperature resistance and electrical conductivity. Hot powder metallurgy soaking in the hot bending mould plate, three-dimensional glass up and down heating plate drawing for high temperature uniform extrusion operation, to match the graphite mould of hot bending forming yield control operation. Of course, involved in the process of details is more complex.

          Hot bending glass heating plate stamping must meet the following conditions: good thermal conductivity, improve production efficiency; High temperature deformation, to guarantee the qualification rate of 3D glass products; High temperature resistance, no deformation of oxidation; The high temperature cor corrosion resistance, durable glass operation! This 3D hot bending glass heat pipes was reflected in the control of the match action, heating and graphite mould. The reasonable design of stamping work location form, requirements continuously improve production process, improve production efficiency.

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